Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nowhere Boy

"Nowhere Boy" is a new film directed by new and up and coming director Sam Taylor Wood. It tells the little known story of legendary musician John Lennon's early life and his forming of the rock-n-roll band The Quarrymen (the precursor to The Beatles).

Starring as John Lennon we have, what looks to be, a very excellent performance by Aaron Johnson (who most recently starred in the lack-luster and very stale Kick-A**). From the looks of it he gets Lennon's iconic tone and Liverpool accent down perfectly.

A lot of the movie focuses on his relationship between him and his aunt and him and his estranged mother. Another big part of it is of course the rock-n-roll, and what led John Lennon to start a band that would eventually lead to the band that changed music forever...The Beatles.

The movie includes Lennon meeting a young Paul McCartney played by Thomas Sangster and their friendship and also the meeting of George Harrison played by Sam Bell.

The movie looks like a good drama with talented actors, among the supporting cast is the always great Kristin Scott Thomas. The movie looks both funny and moving. Its set to come out October 8th of this year and if your like me and love music and especially love The Beatles then I think this is definitely one to look out for.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cillian Murphy-Inception part seven

"You're talking about dreams..."-Fischer-Inception

Cillian Murphy is in my opinion an incredibly underrated actor. He starred as the lead in Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" He was the bad guy in Wes Craven's "Red Eye" He was incredible in "The Wind that Shakes The Barley" and he was awesome in "Batman Begins" as The Scarecrow aka Dr. Crane. He is now re- teaming with director Christopher Nolan in "Inception".

Murphy recently did an interview with Total Film Magazine where he talked about both "Inception" and possibilities for the untitled Batman 3.

He talked about how he met with Christopher Nolan a little over a year ago and was given just a few short hours to read the script, and was then told to decide which character's he felt best suited for.

"He didn't say 'Take whatever role you want" Murphy explains. "I wasn't going to steal Leonardo DiCaprio's part. But Chris said "I have an idea what might be good for you...Tell me what you think."' and we both agreed. It's different for me. It's not like any character I've played before."

The Character the two agreed on was that of Fischer, a character“central to the narrative of the film” and the mark for the heist. “Chris has talked about it being an existential heist movie and if you take that, I would be a crucial cog in that heist set-up.” said Murphy.

Talking specifically about the film and its emotional tones Murphy had this to say: “The film has a strong emotional core to it – Leo’s character and some of the other characters are trying to work emotional stuff out – but, having said that, it is a big exciting action film. It’s not all about people with their heads in their hands going, ‘Why did I leave that girl?’”

Helping build my excitement and hopefully anybody who is fed up with the whole 3D gimmick, Murphy had this to say of the film, “In this age of 3D and phenomenal special effects, we tend to be a little inured to big movies, like, ‘Whatever…’ But Chris is really going to challenge that with Inception. I don’t doubt it.”

And when the untitled Batman 3 was brought up, Murphy didn't have much to say except he doesn't know many details and he is not campaigning himself to reprise his role as The Scarecrow, but he did say that if Chris wanted him back for it, he would "love to do it"

That is gonna do it for my crazy hyping for this movie for probably the next little while. I am going to focus on some other good movies coming out this summer and help build some excitement for those, but I'm sure before too long I will be dragged, willingly, back to "Inception" because well like Geoff Boucher of the LA Times Hero Complex called it, its "The only film that matters" of 2010.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inception Part Six--Deeper Stuff

First off, I feel like throwing out a happy birthday to the late and great John Wayne and Peter Cushing.

Anyways lets get even deeper into "Inception" and some of the meanings behind the titles on the new posters ( If you read the last post I kind of speculated on them, but I have studied and have new information.) The mystery continues to deepen and thicken around this movie, and all that does is make me more excited. From what I have gathered, there is a lot concerning Greek mythology running through the maze of "Inception".

I think I was correct about most my guesses of the meanings of the character posters because I am pretty fluent in the language of heist films. But still "The Shade" remained a mystery so I did some research.

If you want to remain as spoiler free as you can about the film and her character don't click on the link BUT If you want a more in depth meaning of "The Shade" click here Shade. I don't wanna go into too much detail of what this means because I don't wanna ruin too much of it for you, but lets just say Marion Cotillard's character is for certain not all the she seems. It doesn't help that in the international trailer(well Japanese trailer) you see her holding a gun standing with Ken Wantanabe (the supposed villain) who is also holding a gun. Her character is certainly going to be interesting to say the very least.

Now lets look at Ellen Page's character Ariadne. We know "The Shade" is a reference to mythology but I don't wish to go into any more detail then that, if ya wanna know again the link is above. But the name Ariadne has its roots also in mythology.

Ariadne is the daughter of King Minos, who attacked Athens and because of this the Athenians ordered him to make a payment to make up for it. He was required to send seven young maidens and seven young men to be sacrificed to the Minotaur every nine years. One year this included Theseus, but he volunteered to kill the Minotaur. Ariadne had fallen in love with Theseus at first sight and wanted to help him so she gave him a sword and a ball of red fleece to string along so he could find his way back out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.

The labyrinth is the really interesting part, because it seems that a maze or labyrinth plays a fairly big part in "Inception" When we see the title in the trailers it appears in a Maze. When you go to Mind Crime you play as a character running through a maze of a city. Ellen Page or Ariadne is said to be "The Architect" she probably creates the dreams they are in, but maybe her characters name means something as well, perhaps she helps DiCaprio find his way through the dreams or the "labyrinth" This is just speculation again on my part, but since Ariadne has ties with labyrinths in mythology, and labyrinths seem to be a part of "Inception" I figured I would see where that took us.

Also a new bit of news concerning the film. Johnny Marr the brilliant guitarist who was in The Smiths did all the guitar playing on Hans Zimmer's score for the film. I love The Smiths and Johnny Marr is brilliant so that is freaking awesome.

I'm only gonna post once more on "Inception" for a while, that post will come tomorrow and it will be about Cillian Murphy so be sure to check that out, and remember keep your excitement on high for this movie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Inception Part Five- New Posters

"We mustn't be afraid to dream a bit bigger, darling." -Eames-Inception

The marketing campaign for Inception has been an exercise in brilliance to say the very least. Starting last august with the very short cryptic teaser, moving to the second trailer in December and opening the game Mind Crime at The cool think about Mind Crime is how big of a role it has played in the marketing. Through the maze game pictures and information has been slowly released, even the third trailer appeared there first. Then in May they gave us two new posters three TV spots and an epic third trailer.

We have been given a very basic idea of the plot line-DiCaprio leads a team of thieves who enter dreams to steal ideas. He is looking for a way out of sorts, a way to reunite with his family (whatever that means) and this last job is apparently his way to do it.

What we haven't been given is really any information about the characters themselves other than DiCaprio's. And to up the marketing even more and to create even more mystery around the characters they released these character banners today.

Each one states the persons job or position in the plot, yet most are beyond vague and still give us no real idea of what that position means....
DiCaprio is "The Extractor" now this is pretty easy to figure out I think. He is the lead thief, he is the one who "extracts" the ideas from the dreams.
Ellen Page is "The Architect" now that one is more vague and obscure but I still think we can maybe know what she does. She creates the dream world in which they bring the people into to steal the ideas. I could be completely wrong, or very right we will have to wait and see.
Tom Hardy is "The Forger" now this one I really don't know, as there is many different things he could be forging....memories could be one of them and that's what I am leaning to. He may very well forge the memories to help bring in the targets....I could be way way off here again we will see.
Cillian Murphy is "The Mark" Now before I was sceptical that he was the one that DiCaprio's team is targeting just because it shows him conversing with DiCaprio so much in the trailers BUT him being called "The Mark" suggests he is the target.
Joseph Gordon Levitt is "The Point Man" again that could be numerous things but I think he is the one keeping guard or the muscle of the team. It's his job to make sure everything runs smoothly and to plan when in the dream. Again this is pure speculation and I am most likely completely wrong!
Marion Cotilliard is "The Shade" now this is one of the more mysterious and bizarre ones. What does "The Shade" mean? We have heard that she may be DiCaprio's wife, but that plus what we see in the trailers doesn't give any clues to what this means.
Ken Wantanabe is "The Tourist" Now we have heard numerous times he is the "villain" and from what we have seen this seems accurate. But "The Tourist"? that could mean he is entering the dreams and isn't supposed to, and is in fact causing all sorts of havoc, it like the others remains to be seen!
Remember all of this is purely speculation on my part, all of this is subject to change before and when the movie is released. If any changes or new developments arise concerning this stuff before the release, I will for sure give an update! The excitement just keeps building and building, like I said before you should be stoked for this movie as well. It's going to be incredible.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

Forget everything you first think when you hear the name Zac Efron. Push all thoughts of him wearing black clothes and being filled with angst as he dances around and sings on a golf course in southern Utah. Don't even focus on how funny he genuinely was in "17 Again"

It seems the young actor is determined to be just that, an actor. Instead of just doing films that pander to the young teenage female crowd he has taken roles in things like "Me and Orson Welles" (which I have not seen yet, but from what I heard is really really good) and now this role in "Charlie St. Cloud" directed by "17 Again"s Burr Steers.

"Charlie St. Cloud" is about a young man who is completely overcome with grief from the death of his younger brother. Before his brothers death he promised to teach him everyday how to play baseball with him before he moves to college.

Since his brothers death however, he continues to go to the forest where he sees his younger brother, and he keeps his promise, he teaches him how to throw a fastball, curve-ball and everything about baseball. But soon Charlie meets a girl, and as he becomes closer to her the more he begins to lose his younger brother.

The whole movie looks great. It looks like it has great emotional value, along with great performances. Among the cast we have Kim Bassinger as the mother and Ray Liotta (though I'm not sure who he plays, and he isn't on the cast list on IMDB. But he is seen clearly in the trailers)

There is a lot of talent in this film, not to mention the younger brother is completely decked out in Red Sox attire (enough to make me see the film). If your a fan of dramatic, moving movies then this is for sure one you should check out and look forward to. Its due out October 15 of this year. But until then check out the trailer, its really good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inception Part Four - The Rotating Hallway.

"I specialize in a very specific type of security....subconscious security" Cobb-Inception

If you are familiar with Christopher Nolan films you'll know how little he relies on CGI for his effects. Both batman films (especially "The Dark Knight") use as little as possible. In "The Dark Knight" the scenes where Batman leaps off the building in Hong Kong, the semi truck flipping forwards and many others were all done with real effects.

This is pretty impressive because we live in a world where most filmmakers go the easy, cheaper way out buy using a computer and green screens and end up using CG for every last effect. Its to the point now where live action films appear to be more computer animated than live action. So its extremely welcome to have films like Inception coming out that don't rely on heavy CG.

Now if you have seen the trailer you are more than likely saying "of course there is lots of CGI used. People are floating in zero gravity, cities are folding on each other, people are falling down hallways and running on walls!" Well of course the city folding on itself is CG, but for the most part what you are seeing is real stunts.

Take the hallway scenes where Joseph Gordon Levitt is scene fighting and running along walls and falling down the hallway. Every thing you see in that scene is real. How are they running on walls though?

Nolan had a giant hallway built. The hallway is lifted up into the air by a crane (from what I understand) and then is able to rotate and tilt anyway. The rotating hallway allows for the actors to run, punch and throw each other on the walls, ceiling and floor all without actually using any computers. Because of this it looks completely and 100% real. The real genius of this is the fact that in ten years this scene wont look a tiny bit dated (unlike The Matrix, which is still awesome....still looks very dated)

This isn't it though, along with the rotating hallway set, apparently Nolan and co. have built an entire nightclub set that tilts and moves. I am telling you all this movie is going to be unlike anything you have seen yet! Do yourself a favor and be stoked!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Adjustment Bureau

I am always looking out for good, thought provoking science fiction films. "Thinking" sci fi movies were once the norm for the genre. The 90's did their best to ruin that ( with exceptions like The Matrix) Anyways lately their has been a resurgence of intelligent sci fi with films like Moon, soon to be Inception and The Adjustment Bureau.

I just recently discovered this film that is set to be released in September. It stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (who is extremely underrated). Matt Damon plays a politician who by coincidence meets Emily Blunt's character. They both realize how much chemistry they have together and are quickly falling for each other. Thats when things become a little off.

Damon's character wakes to find himself locked in a room with a bunch of men in suits standing around him while he is strapped to the chair. They inform him that they monitor everything in the world to ensure that everything happens to "plan" Apparently his relationship with Blunt's character is not part of his or her plan. He refuses to stop seeing her which results in their pursuit of him.

Thats all the info of the plot I really have gathered (and that mostly from the trailer). But Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are always excellent. Its also based on a story by Phillip K. Dick who is one of the better science fiction authors of all time. Also it looks like it appears to have some action and thrills but also a heavy dose of romance thrown in too, which is definitely a first for Sci Fi.

The film was originally set for a release date in July, but changed so they weren't competing with Inception (meaning they heard Inception was THAT good!) Sadly it may suffer box office numbers with the september release date but hopefully it will be a good film. I'm excited to see it simply because there is a lack of really good science fiction. So keep this one on your radars.

Also there was a scene filmed at Yankee Stadium, I'm surprised Damon allowed his feet to touch that unholy field.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Hood

I pulled out my local newspaper last night wanting to read the reviews for the newly release films. First off I have to inform you how lousy my local paper's movie reviewer can be at times. The idiot gave Spider Man 2 four freaking stars for crying out loud. With that said I quickly turned to the review of "Robin Hood" directed by Ridley Scott and starring (of course since its a Scott film) Russell Crowe.

The guy called it dull and boring. He claimed that all the battle scenes seemed like unused footage from "Gladiator". That was really original seeing as how people have been claiming for months it looks like a sequel to that film. So as me and my girlfried headed off to the theater, i went with expectations being low and ready for a bore.

I was very pleasantly surprised. From the first moments of the film we are given a fast paced story of England in turmoil. King Richard "The Lionheart" has been on a ten year crusade, leaving the country bankrupt, yet the government is still demanding the provinces to pay taxes. Then the King is killed in battle putting the sleazy Prince John played by Oscar Issac on the throne. He quickly puts his close from Godfrey played by Mark Strong (who appears to be playing the villain in just about every movies these days....) in charge of collecting the taxes from provinces. The problem here is that he is secretly working for the French and is helping create inner turmoil in England so the French can easily take the country.

Now that is enough for a single movie, but we haven't even mentioned Robin Hood's (Russell Crowe) part. He is posing as a night in order to help the village of Nottingham stay afloat and alive, pretending to be Marion's (Cate Blanchett) husband. All of this means that their is alot going on, also long pauses between the action and fighting.

That isn't a terrible thing though. Many of the scenes between Crowe and Blanchett are some of the best in the movie, seeing the two act off of each other is excellent. When the battle scenes do come they are all highly intense and exciting, looking nothing like the battles in "Gladiator" but that isn't surprising because almost all the battles in "Gladiator" take place in the arena.

Crowe gives an awesome performance, unsuprising since it seems like he is incapable of a bad one. Blanchett is great as always and the actors playing Little John, Will Scarlett and Friar Tuck (Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, and Mark Addy) are all entertaining and enjoyable as are the parts played buy William Hurt and Max Von Sydow.

The movie is an origin story and leaves plenty of room for a very welcome sequel. This first installment is anything but dull and boring, while it does drag in some scenes it makes up for in others. I recomend it, especially if you enjoy Scott's work. I give it 3 stars.

Friday, May 14, 2010

True Grit

The Coen brothers are know pretty well known for the incredible adaptations they are able to pull off. Noone else would ever dare adapt "The Odyssey" into the comedy "O Brother Where Art Thou" And their movie adaptation of "No Country For Old Men" is pretty much word for word Cormac McCarthy's novel.

So instead of one being sad or angry that someone is remaking the film "True Grit" (originaly the film that gave John Wayne his first Oscar for his portrayel of Marshall "Rooster" Cogburn) One should be incredibly excited that the Coen Brothers are adapting the book into another movie.

Now if this were anybody but Joel and Ethan Coen I wouldn't be excited for it in the slightest. The 1969 movie, while not true to the book, is a great film. Its got some of the best lines ever said by John Wayne and its got a great and memorable performance by a young Robert Duvall. So why remake it?

The Coens insist that they are not remaking the John Wayne film, just making a film that remains more true to the source material. Even so, they would need a very talented cast of actors to convince a good number of die hard John Wayne fans into seeing this version....which luckily the Coens have.

In the original we were forced to endure a terrible performance from Glen Campbell, this time around we get to watch Matt Damon take on his role as La Boeuf. Taking Duvall's spot as Ned Pepper, we are getting a performance from the terribly underrated actor Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan, Enemy of the State, When We Were Soldiers and 61) Taking over the role of Tom Chaney we have the very talented Josh Brolin. But who gets to replace the very big shoes left by John Wayne? Hold your breath..... the incredible Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges alone is enough to make me want to see this film badly. Anything the man does is simply amazing. The man is on top of the world right now coming off his Academy Award win for "Crazy Heart" And I personally can't think of a single person more perfect for the role of Marshal "Rooster" Cogburn then Bridges.

I am sure i'll be posting more info on this film as it gets closer to its release this Christmas. But until then just know that this is one to definitely keep and have on your radar and to be excited for.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inception Part Three - Joseph Gordon Levitt

"The dreams collapsing." Arthur-Inception

Joseph Gordon Levitt has been acting ever since he was a little kid. His first big movie (though not big part) was in Robert Redford's A River Runs Through It. He played one of the main characters when they were kids.

Some might remember him from Angels in the Outfield, others as the goofy kid on Third Rock From The Sun. In fact, thats what I hear most when I bring his name up. "Oh the kid on Third Rock From The Sun!".

The fact is he has been doing incredible work for some time now, all in the indie scene. Movies like Brick, The Lookout and Mysterious Skin really have shown the acting this guy is capable of. The man is on the rise. It certainly helps that he was awesome, and critically acclaimed in 500 Days of Summer last year, helping to boost his name into most homes. Then comes Inception.....

The first shot we ever are given of him in the movie is a fight scene in a hallway. Not just any fight scene though, they are running on walls, and hurling each other down the hallway. Not really something expected of a character being played by Levitt. Usually he is the goofy, heartfelt guy (although see Brick, Lookout and Mysterious Skin) Yet in the new trailer we see him with his slick backed hair and leather jackets, business suits and most of all he is running around with an assortment of guns.

Now he looks absolutely awesome in this movie, but there is some speculation going around on-line that maybe his character isn't everything he seems. For the most part his character Arthur is seen running around alongside Dicaprio's Cobb. But some people think he could be a villian, good at first then betraying his team.

I personally see no evidence of this in the trailers we have been given thus far. I have had people trying to tell me there is a clip of him holding Dicaprio buy the neck in the new trailer...the fact is that you can't tell whom he is holding. I am not saying he won't be a traitor, I am not saying he will be a good guy. I am just saying there is no evidence for him being a bad guy. (although they are all theives....not making really any of them good people)

Either way, whatever hsi role truely ends up being we can be assured it will be great, especially since Emma Thompson (Christopher Nolans wife and producer) claims how amazing he is in the movie. He is certainly one of the actors I am most excited for...among many in this film.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inception Part Two-the Trailer

"Dreams always feel real while we are in them, it's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." Cobb-Inception

Alright so the new trailer for "NCEPTION" is finally officially released on the internet so no more putting up with crappy bootleg versions filmed with cameras in the movie theater! That is news that should excite everybody because is one of the best trailers I have ever seen! It is such a good trailer and the movie is really THE movie I am looking forward to of 2010 probably the movie I have been most excited for in my entire life, I figured I would write up a review of the trailer!

I had been looking forward to the release of this trailer for quite some time. The first teaser was release last fall with the new Quentin Tarantino film, Inglorious Bastards. That trailer was extremely brief, only showing some random shots of Dicaprio looking confused and people fighting in a hallway. Then in December the second teaser or depending on the way you look at it, the first full lenght trailer came out. This had a little more, yet still left most audiences (I am referring to normal people not obsessed with the movie as I am) pretty confused and curious.

The new trailer runs at 2 minutes and 24 seconds. This time giving us a very brief overview of the film. Some were worried that the new trailer would give a way too much thus taking away elements of surprise and wonder that Nolan and company are hoping to save for the viewers first experience with the film in the cinema. Luckily, the trailer still gives absolutely nothing away. What it does do is give us an array of elaborate images, completely out of context, giving us a sense of need to see this film so we know what we are looking at in the trailer.

We are given short one second clips of people falling down snowy mountainsides, bridges rising up out of nowhere as Ellen Page begins to walk across. Joseph Gordon Levitt floating in rooms that appear to have zero gravity, tying up what appear to be corpses. Dicaprio hugging Marion Cottilard's character. Dicaprio yelling at Levitt and building collapsing. Now I am not gonna talk about the possible meanings and roles of both Levitt's and Cotillard's character here, I am gonna spend the next post specifically on them (because there is lots of mystery and speculation around their characters that is actually quite fascinating).

But all these scenes give only hints to the possibilities this movie has, not just for an incredible sci fi actioner/thriller. But as a genuine heartfelt drama examining emotions and dream and the capabilities of the human mind. The trailer has a beautifully intense score pulsing through it moving the scenes along from one to the next. What we are now expecting is not just a big budget action flick that we would normally get in the middle of July, but instead an insightful intense thriller with MAJOR awards possibilites. Most notably we can probably expect Best Actor nominations for Dicaprio and more than likely best screenplay and director for Christopher Nolan...and all this is coming from just seeing this trailer. Now maybe the entire movie will be an epic fail, but I think its very reasonable after this trailer to assume that it WILL be the best film of the year.

If you have not seen the trailer yet, I have posted a link below to it. Watch it so you don't have to take my word for it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Inception Part One

The year is 2000, and there is one smaller movie makings its way around the festival circuit. It wins awards and gets rave reviews. The film is called Memento and its director is a young 30 year old named Christopher Nolan. The films plot moves in two opposite directions. The black and white scenes unfold in chronological order, while the in color scenes go backwards, beginning with a man shooting another man. The film goes backwards and we discover why Leonard Shelby (played incredibly by Guy Pearce) kills the man.

Fast Forward to summer 2008.

The Dark Knight has just made one of the biggest opening weekends in box office history. People are going crazy for the latest installment into the film history of the iconic character Batman. Oddly, it isn't only comic book and super hero fans praising the film. Its everyone. Christopher Nolan has just made a super hero movie into something much much more than that-an insightful, complex crime drama with Gotham city as his backdrop.

Its now two years later and the genious that is Christopher Nolan is putting out a new movie. INCEPTION. Now I have been following this movie since...well since it's inception almost two years ago. Almost all details had been completely sealed up from the general avid movie fanatic public until a few months ago, but needless to say I and many other wild film freaks are dying for its July 16 realease to be here now.

Lets talk about the plot AS WE KNOW IT NOW.

Leonardo Dicaprio leads a team of theives, they are a very different kind of theif though. They create dream worlds and "bring" their subjects into their created dream. The subject then fills it with their thoughts and memories. Leo and his team then "extract" certian pieces of information for their own gain. Leo appears to be performing one last job in an effort to "get back home". Now what this means we can only speculate until July 16 which is 66 days away.

Every couple of days i will be adding more info about the film, and will continue to build up the hype and convince you of why you need to be excited for what Jeff Boucher of the LA TIMES calls "the only movie that matters" of 2010.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fan in the Attic

"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I only had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..." The Outsiders

We all need things to feel passionate about, things that occupy our time between the grind of work and more work. These passions or hobbies as some people often refer to them could be things like baseball, golf, basketball and other sports. They could be things like painting or taking pictures. Some people enjoy playing instruments such as the piano or guitar and some people enjoy just listening to good music. Others may prefer to spend their free time reading books and stories. Then there is a crazy and wild group of people and they have a very specific passion. Movies.

For some people this activity is just good, fun entertainment - to others this is life. Those that consider film and movies their life are a sad and pathetic group of people, sort of like Red Sox fans, but like Red Sox Fans (which I am an avid part of) they are unbending and always loyal to those films that they know by heart and love. I am one of those people.

I am, what some people can only describe as, obsessed. I personally would prefer to just call myself passionate, but I can certainly see where these people are coming from. I am twenty years old right now, but in less than one month I will be the grand, all knowledgable age of twenty one. I, like I said before, am an avid Red Sox fan, and therefore am part of a rabid and violent group of fans. I bring that same fury, if not more so to film. I am very much planning and looking forward to a career in film. I would like to be the man sitting on the director's chair, but maybe I will end up writing about it for a living. Who can really know at this point?

Either way that brings us to the point of what you are reading right now. I am constantly talking about movies that I see, so someone very close to me suggested writing a blog about it, so here I am! And here you are reading and hopefully deciding to check back again.

Film is my life. Sure I go to school, I find work when I can and I try and make a good useful life for myself. But movies and film are what make it all worth it for me. I don't see movies because I think its fun, or I have nothing better to do. I see movies because I have to see them. If I don't, I become quite an unpleasant person, so it is always best for me to be seeing movies. Some people have jobs to pay for food, cars, housing and what-not...I earn money to see movies.

What I hope happens with this blog is to inform people with good and honest opinion about the films and movies out there in the world. There are literally thousands and thousands of movies out there, so its hard to know whats good and whats worth seeing. I want to make that easier for people, I want to help people know what is good and know what they should be excited for. And hopefully convince more people to love and appreciate the art form that is film.

As I see movies I will review them here. As I discover new movies, I will talk about them here. So I hope you enjoy...