Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: Official Trailer 3

So I am kind of at a loss for words right now.  Usually when a new trailer is released it hits online the following Monday after it hits theaters.  I and many others assumed we would get the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises next Monday.  Today however began with a lengthy viral campaign that unlocked stills from the new trailer.

It took all day, but once all the stills were unlocked...The new trailer began playing.  The mixture of Christopher Nolan fan and batman geek in me is going nuts right now.  I really can't describe how amazing this trailer is.  We get soooo much new stuff, but nothing that spoils the plot of the movie.  Anything can happen still.

Christian Bale looks as incredible as ever in this movie, and Tom Hardy is definitely going to give Heath Ledger a run with his performance.  And Anne Hathaway....... I don't care what people say, she looks incredible in this movie.  I literally can't wait for this movie.

It looks like the perfect conclusion for Christopher Nolan, it looks more incredible than I had first imagined, and yes I realized I am geeking out right now!  Christopher Nolan is a genius and I am now more convinced than ever that he can not make a bad movie.

The Dark Knight Rises: New Viral for Trailer

The viral marketing campaign that has been virtually non existent for The Dark Knight Rises kicked into gear today on the movies main website.  It opens up a police file discussing the vigilante known as Batman.   It talks about graffiti symbols appearing all over that are signifying the return of Batman and the Gotham City police believe that documenting these will help them find his whereabouts.  It then gives a list of cities and locations around the world where they want people to go and take a picture of the symbol at the location at submit it to them then on  a still from the new trailer opens up.

Now here is what is really interesting. The trailer is supposed to debut in front of The Avengers this weekend, so usually that means we would get the trailer online the following Monday.  But it appears there is a still literally for ever single second of the trailer being uploaded onto that site.  So what me and my fellow fanboys (for lack of a better word) believe is that when all the locations have been submitted and all the stills are loaded up...We will have the new trailer.

This is assuming they are evil and just leave us with every single still from the trailer, but I personally believe that we will have the final full length trailer.  If the people continue to go out to the locations and submit, we should have the trailer by (the earliest) later today.  But more likely tomorrow.

A couple of the stills released so far:

You have no idea how unbelievably excited I am right now.....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prometheus- New Official International Trailer

Amidst all sorts of ratings controversy speculation, we are given the third trailer for Prometheus.  It's long, it shows lots of new footage, and with that all sorts of mayhem.  I personally feel that this trailer is going to shut down the "it might be PG 13" talk.  This trailer makes it look too crazy and intense than a PG 13 would allow.  So all the angry fan boys out there can now settle down.  Either way the trailer is amazing and make this film look freaking scary....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lawless Official Trailer: Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman

Formerly known as "The Wettest County", John Hillcoat's gritty portrayal of a family of bootleggers during prohibition has seen many changes recently.  One it's name was changed to "Lawless" (which is gonna be confusing because next year Terence Malick has a film coming out with the same name).  The other change was it's release date was pushed back.   But with the new trailer released, it may be worth the wait.

The film has a stellar cast that includes Tom Hardy, Shia Labouf (say what you want about him, but he can act.  see "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" for proof) Jessica Chastain (who was brilliant in "The Help") Guy Pearce and the always incredible Gary Oldman.

John Hillcoat only has two other movies behind him, the australian western "The Proposition" and the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's brilliant masterpiece "The Road".  With those two films, "Lawless" seems like perfect territory.

Tom Hardy makes anything he is involved in interesting, so I can't wait to see what he does with this.  There is a good chance he will get awards recognition for it.  Check out the trailer below, it's one of the better trailers I've ever seen.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Skyfall: The Most Anticipated Bond Movie Ever

First official photo of Daniel Crag in Skyfall
Skyfall, the new Bond film starring Daniel Craig is hitting theaters this November and for some reason it seems to be feverishly anticipated by most everybody on the internet (myself included).  What makes it so anticipated?  The last Bond outing was mediocre at best (I still enjoyed Quantum of Solace).  It didn't receive the critical or box office response it was looking for.  Largely due to the very lacking story involved.

So why would the follow-up garner such excitement?  In my opinion it's all in the cast.  Daniel Craig is easily in his prime right now, he is just solid.  Add to that we have Ralph Fiennes doing what he does better than just about anybody in the business...playing the villain (He played Voldemort, but for a really good portrayal of his villainy see Schindler's List or Red Dragon).  Not to mention Javier Bardem is also in the cast, whom I'm expecting to also be a bad guy and if you've seen No Country For Old Men, you'll be just as excited as I am about that prospect.  To top it all off Sam Mendes is an excellent director.

So fans everywhere have been dying for anything to be released from the film, a trailer (said to be attached to Men In Black III next month) or pictures..or anything? Finally we have been rewarded with not just a few, but a cuss lot of good pictures....

Daniel Craig looking (as usual) angry as Bond

Judi Dench reprising her role as "M"

Naomie Harris as Eve

Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: New Official Photos

After too long of Warner Bro's being silent about anything Dark Knight Rises related, we finally get a little something...a bunch of new official stills from the movie.  And thats good enough to tide me over till the final trailer that should be hitting us next month.  So check out all the new photos below, and just because I can't get enough of it, the second trailer from a few months back.

Finally a picture of Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox

Anne Hathaway looking amazing as Catwoman

Tom Hardy as Bane 

Tom Hardy proving how good of an actor is just with a picture...the guy conveys so much with his eyes.  Easily the reason I am most excited about this movie.

Finally an official photo of JGL as Gotham Police Officer John Blake

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Looper: Official Trailer

Apparently it is the year for sci-fi geeks.  Not only do we have Prometheus coming out in the science fiction genre, we have the new film by the immensely talented Rian Johnson.  His previous two credits include the vastly underrated films Brick and The Brother Bloom.  This will also mark his third time working with Joseph Gordon Levitt.

If you have seen either of his previous films you will know that Rian Johnson is synonymous with originality.  He is downright talented and unique so it's near impossible not to be stoked about Looper.  I have been following the development of this one since it was first announced so I'm quite giddy that they finally released a trailer for it.  The film stars Levitt as a hit man for a mob of the future.  They send people they want "disposed" of back in time, and he kills them.  Not original enough yet?  Well one day he recognizes his target as his future self, played by Bruce Willis.  I can only assume that mayhem ensues at this point.
Joseph Gordon Levitt as Joe

The trailer is fantastic and looks just as interesting and unique as anything Johnson has done, and add the fact that the cast is nothing short of stellar that along with Levitt and Willis includes Emily Blunt, Paul Dano and Jeff Daniels...well I honestly don't see any way this movie will be a let down.  Check out the trailer below!