Friday, November 12, 2010

The Way Back

Alright, due to unforeseen circumstances I have been away from my blogging, and not only that away from movies all together. I know the very minuscule amount of people whom actually read this blog were lost completely without it, but not to worry good people I am back and while I certainly am not feeling anywhere near 100 percent I still feel like writing again.

Tonight I am writing about a film I have been very much looking forward to, I may have even mentioned it before. It's "The Way Back" directed by Peter Weir. What makes "The Way Back" one of my most anticipated films of the year? Well, numerous things....the first being Peter Weir.

Weir has directed some incredible stuff, without ever becoming a household name. In the eighties he gave us "Witness" starring Harrison Ford. Then he gave us one of my all time favorite dramas "The Dead Poets Society" starring Robin Williams. He is also responsible for one of Jim Carrey's more memorable and better performances in "The Truman Show".

The last film he made was both an exhilarating and intense film that, for reasons beyond my comprehension, failed to connect with audiences. That film would be the epic and brilliant, "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany.

It has been a while since that last film was released and now he is returning with the very epic "The Way Back" starring Ed Harris (The Abyss, History of Violence, The Truman Show) Jim Sturgess(21, Across the Universe) and Collin Farrell (The New World, In Bruges, Crazy Heart, Minority Report). All as prisoners in a Russian gulag (a very brutal and treacherous kind of russian prison) in Siberia who decide to escape on foot and walk a couple thousand miles in terrible terrain and climates to reach safety.

So whats so exciting? Well Weir always manages to make his films very cinematic and epic, this happens with his incredible locations for filming. He always has good acting in his films, and with the cast that he has that won't be a problem in this one. The trailer really inspires a lot of confidence that i am right about this film as well. I fully expect a sweeping cinematic epic with amazing set pieces, great acting and exciting/exhilarating sequences. I'm not sure when the film is set for release but it should be this December. Oh and Ed Harris is already getting Oscar buzz for the film.

Until next time enjoy the trailer...