Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plot Synopsis for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"

A couple years back it was announced that Ridley Scott would be returning to the universe he created back in 1979. It was said that he would be directing a prequel film to "Alien", and at the time the film went under the simple title of "Untitled Alien Prequel" Then a few months back suddenly that imdb page disappeared, to be replaced by Prometheus. Nobody knew what to think, and only hoped it would still be the prequel.

Talented actors started being added to the cast list. Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender( who said early on to be playing a synthetic android, only fueling the hope that it was connected to "Alien") Idris Elba and Guy Pearce. It was widely believed the story would focus on the mythical Space Jockey from "Alien". Now if you are not "Alien" savvy, I'll explain what the Space Jockey is.

Near the beginning of the 1979 film, John Hurt's character is exploring a derelict space craft on a remote planet. Inside the ship is a giant fossilized creature that was sitting in a gigantic pilots chair. The creatures chest was burst outward (obviously from the Alien creature). Nothing more was ever mentioned about this character, leaving it up to fans to discuss. So fans have been waiting anxiously to discover the mystery of this creature. And from the plot synopsis and descriptions given from Ridley himself, it appears that we are going to get just that.

Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life's ultimate mystery.

Ridley also told Empire magazine that "It's set in 2085, about 30 years before Sigourney Weaver's character Ellen Ripley from "Alien"… It's fundamentally about going out to find out 'Who the hell was that Space Jockey?'"

So all of us giddy sci fi fanboys can rest assured knowing the mystery is soon to be solved. The film has a killer cast, a brilliant director and takes place in my all time favorite science fiction universe, so I am anxiously awaiting 2012 for this, among other films *cough* The Dark Knight Rises *cough*.

Below is a photo of the Space Jockey in "Alien". "Prometheus" is due out June 8 2012, and is directed by Ridely Scott and written by Damon Lindelof. It stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and Ben Foster.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I brought this movie up a while back but they have finally released some more trailers for it and I feel that "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" deserves a little hyping. It's a horror film based on a made for tv movie of the same name that came out in 1973. Now the title is a little lackluster, and the trailers might be off putting to some so let me explain the premise and give reasons why it deserves some hype.

Sally is a young girl played by Bailiee Madison (Bridge to Tarabithea) who is sent to live with her dad played by Guy Pearce and his girlfriend played by Katie Holmes. They are moving into a renovated older home, where Sally discovers creatures that want to claim the young girl as one of their own. Simple enough.

Now I can see why some people would think that sounds stupid or cheesy, but c'mon evil creatures terrorizing a young girl really isn't cheesy. Then add to the fact that you have the great Guillermo Del Toro (writer/director of Cronos, Devils Backbone, Hellboy and Pan's Labyrnth) writing and producing then you can be sure it will have something worth watching.

Add to the fact its not a movie that is gonna be heavily reliant on gore, and more reliant on tension and suspense gives it another edge above most horror films currently being served up.

Also Guy Pearce is another huge reason for intrigue. Yes the guy is very hit or miss with his films (misses: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Time Machine, Bedtime Stories....Hits: Memento, The Proposition, LA Confidential) but when he is on, he is incredibly talented! So check out the link below and watch the trailer and see what ya think!