Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Details Revealed

After much torture and speculation, Christopher Nolan has finally shed a very small light on The Dark Knight Rises via this months Empire Magazine. Now I know alot of people are wanting to remain completely in the dark about this movie till they see it which is more than fine, but seeing as how Christopher Nolan himself released this info, its safe to say its very VERY minimal in the spoiler content.

"It’s really all about finishing Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story. We left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state." -Christopher Nolan

For a long time people have been speculating when this film would take place, many believing that it was directly after the events of The Dark Knight and that the first scene would be the police pursuing Batman like the end of the previous film. Chris' comments here obviously can lay that speculation to rest.

Nolan also spoke about the upcoming prologue that will be playing before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in select IMAX theaters. He states that its the first six or seven minutes of the film, and that it will be an introduction to the character of Bane.

Bane is shaping up to be an incredible villain. Many people I know are concerned he won't be able to live up to Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight. Tom Hardy is more than a capable actor and Bane is the perfect villain to challenge Batman. Not only is he a physical challenge but Bane is also extremely intelligent, capable of tormenting Batman/Bruce psychologically. Hardy calls Bane "Brutal" and "incredibly clinical"

Also concerning Bane, Lindy Hemming The Dark Knight Rises' costume designer cleared up some speculation about Bane's mask...

He was injured early in his story. He’s suffering from pain and he needs gas to survive. He cannot survive the pain without the mask. The pipes from the mask go back along his jaw line and feed into the thing at the back where there are two canisters of what ever it is…the anesthetic. - Lindy Hemming

Below are a few official photos of Bane from the movie. The prologue as well as the first full length trailer will be appearing December 16.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Epic shots from New York

The past two days have been nothing short of amazing in the world of an avid Christopher Nolan/Batman fan. Filming has been going on in New York and in the past two days scenes that can only be described as epic have been captured by fans going out with cameras to the set. Us over at have been in complete awe at the videos and photos that have been popping up online.

So far its pretty safe to say, especially after these past few days if it hasn't been clear enough since filming first started back in May that The Dark Knight Rises is going to top The Dark Knight, and all other Superhero films. The Avengers? who could possibly care about Stan Lee's super one dimensional characterizations being directed by Joss Whedon when you have Christopher Nolan concluding his epic trilogy of the tormented and conflicted Batman. The talent level is just way too high in comparison. Even The Amazing Spiderman (which i'm extremely intrigued by) probably won't stand a chance next to this film. Now Superman is gonna be interesting when its finally finished, but I just don't see anything that could possibly be better than what Nolan and Company have been doing with this film.

With all the pictures and videos flooding in from the last two days I thought i would post a few of them on here, but be warned while not giving away any plot details, these leaks could be deemed kind of spoilery, so if you want to stay completely in the dark and wait to have your mind blown next july, stop reading. but also remember, what you see in these photos and videos haven't been through post production, and they are just from fans, the final product will look drastically different.

First here are some pictures of Christopher Nolan directing.

Now some photos of the filming.

This one is Matthew Modine (looking like a high ranking police officer) in action.
If you don't know who Matthew Modine is he starred in Memphis Belle, Cutthroat Island, Any Given Sunday, and as Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket. He is a good actor that fits with Christopher Nolan's trend of casting past has beens in his films. (like Rutger Hauer in Batman Begins, David Bowie in The Prestige, Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight and Tom Berringer in Inception)

Some photos of Batman and Bane

And now two videos from the set.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

This one is just epic

This one is the most spoilery, its an epic fight scene between Bane and Batman...