Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: First Pic of Tom Hardy as Bane.

Alright so I am jumping on this a little late, the image was released this morning on the newly built official website for "The Dark Knight Rises". Its the first official look on what Christopher Nolan and co. have been up two the past two weeks. So you can imagine my complete giddiness when I discovered this had been released, anyone who read this blog leading up to "Inception"'s release knows how much I worship the guy and his films. The way the photo was released in a pretty crazy way. According to Nolan Fan's website the Dark Knight Rises website was seemingly just black, with an audio file playing chanting. Then I guess a fan at Super Hero Hype took the video spectrum of the audio file and embedded in that was the Twitter hashtag #thefirerises. Once tweeting the hashtag, each persons icon was assembled to make the picture of Tom Hardy as Bane. Click on the image to view a larger, hi-res version.

Its an awesome picture, and i'm incredibly stoked about it! Tom Hardy is an amazing actor. There was some speculation if Bane would have a mask or not in Nolan's film (usually Bane has a luchador mask), some thought it wouldn't work, but looking at his it works perfectly. Hardy looks wildly intimidating and has bulked up a bit since playing Eames in "Inception".

"The Dark Knight Rises" has been filming for two weeks now, it started last week in India for a few days, and this week it has been going in London. The film has many other locations on the filming list, such as Pittsburgh, LA and Scotland. Now brace yourselves everyone cause the film is set for a July 20, 2012 meaning I've got over a year to let my hype grow and grow and grow, it will more than likely eclipse both my "Inception" and "The Dark Knight" hype, so get ready for it gang!