Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Conjuring

Just when I didn't think I had really anything left to ramble on about with this blog....I get pulled back in.  And surprisingly, it has nothing to do with anything Christopher Nolan related.  Although with his upcoming film Interstellar to soon begin production, I'm sure whomever is reading this will end up reading my fanboy gushing over that.

Until then however, I have been thinking more and more about this blog, and what I had originally intended to do with it.  At the beginning when I first decided to create it, I wanted to review movies, on top of discuss upcoming movies and why I think they should be on peoples radars.  For a while I wrote reviews for movies, and not just new ones, old ones as well.  Somewhere I lost it and started only posting about Christopher Nolan films, which gets boring to write about and boring to read about.  So I am going to attempt to get this thing focused back on to reviewing any movie I watch, new and or old.  But also bring up upcoming films, and why I am excited about them. Which brings me to the reason I am writing this now.

I just saw a trailer for an intriguing film titled, "The Conjuring"  As some of you know, I am always on the lookout for a legitimately scary film, one that can give me the eerie feeling of something crawling up my back.  Many trailers capture my attention, and almost always the films let me down harder than they have any business doing.  But as always, I hope for the best, and I am hoping and expecting a lot from this.

Starting off with The Zombies song Time of the Season, which can be overused, adds to the mood perfectly.  It starts out completely cliched, having a hide and seek game whilst blindfolded, we know something sinister is going to happen.  But then its just the hands clapping.  Everything leading up to her being along in the basement is intense and atmospheric.  My favorite thing though is that we are all expecting to see some sort of ghost when she is in the dark...but again with the hands.  It isn't what we are expecting, and it works brilliantly.  Another positive is that they aren't CGI hands.

I love that we don't get a sizzle reel of all the scariest moments (I'm sure we will though, which I'll avoid like the plague) its just basically two scenes to help set the mood. Even the title screen in the trailer oozes with old school eerie atmosphere that really completely sold me on it. James Wan has proven he can do atmosphere with the original Saw and the popular Insidious.  He has shown that he can do Horror, but I am hoping this is a far better addition to his resume than anything we have seen yet.  I will naturally continue to get my hopes up for this....lets hope I'm not let down yet again!