Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Featurette

What a better way to send the already unbelievable hype of this movie into literal overdrive then release this featurette.  In true Christopher Nolan fashion it doesn't spoil anything, we see many clips that we have already seen through trailers and tv spots, but hearing the insight from Chris and Wally Pfister (my favorite Cinematographer) is amazing.  The scale of this movie is unbelievable, and to watch some of the stunts that are done here makes me so giddy it's not even funny.

 I can't stress enough to people how this movie is going to far exceed any of the insane hype I have been throwing at it.  I realize that I am the worst kind of fanboy and that I would blindly follow this director anywhere he took me, but seriously this is going to be something incredible.  Yesterday test screenings were held and people at Super Hero Hype that saw it raved about it, claiming it is better than both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Everyone who tweeted about their reactions to seeing it boasted that the last twenty minutes are let the hype continue to build!  Less than two weeks to go!

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  1. FenwayConnor. Talli here. I don't remember the exact nature of our PM exchanges, but I firmly remember you asking me if the spoilers were legit in a PM. You may not remember it, but I remember are you asking "are these real?" That may have been a rhetorical question on your part, but I had no way of knowing that. I apologize if i misunderstood you and the exchange resulted in you being spoiled about the movie.