Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cloud Atlas

I know, it's shocking that I am posting something that is completely irrelevant to Christopher Nolan or Batman.  But its something I think worthy of attention and hype.  The Wachowski siblings have given us some great things (The Matrix) and some terrible things (The Matrix sequels) but they have always been interesting.  So when I heard the premise for "Cloud Atlas" I was intrigued.

It's based on a novel, where different stories, dating all over history and the future, intertwine.  I've never read the book, I plan to, so I don't know how good the source material is but the idea is pretty crazy.

We (meaning other film snobs and geeks) kept hearing about different things, like Tom Hanks being cast, followed by Hugh Grant...yeah Hugh Grant in a non chick-flick?  That's enough to peak my interest  But you also have Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Ben Wishaw, Jim Sturgess and of coure Hugo Weaving.   So my interest grew even more.  Finally we have been given a glimpse into what this is actually going to look like.  Honestly, I'm even more in the dark of what this movie is about after viewing the extended trailer.  But the visuals look more than amazing and the acting looks extremely solid.  Unfortunately Warner Bro's have taken down any video except the exclusive Apple Trailer's one so I have to just link you to it here.  Enjoy! 

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