Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: TV Spots + 6 Character Posters and Lots of New Stills.

So it appears that the marketing has finally kicked into gear.  First this week we got the new official third poster for The Dark Knight Rises, but I won't even post that because it was a terrible poster.  The following day we got six new character posters though, that are quite excellent.  We also ot lots of new great looking stills from the film. And finally tonight we got two T.V spots for it (one premiering during American Idol, the other during Modern Family), showing LOTS of amazing footage that was not shown in the trailers.  With these two trailers it seems that they are trying to highlight the more "fun" elements of the film as opposed to the very serious and gloomy three theatrical trailers.  Probably a good marketing move on WB's part to try and highlight the more "fun" moments now that the super fun Avengers was such a hit.

The more I see of this movie, the more confident I am that Christopher Nolan can do now wrong, and that this will be the best he has done yet. It also looks like I have got what I missed most in The Dark Knight...more Bruce Wayne (I feel that this is where Christian Bale's acting is best in the series)

Check out  all the new epicness below!

T.V Spot 1:

T.V Spot 2:

New stills below (click on picture for High Res)
Bane looking epic as usual

Catwoman as she (my theory anyways) is about to witness Bane beat the crap out of Batman

Joseph Gordon Levitt as cop John Blake

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Christopher Nolan being the genius that he is

Chris directing the cuss out of Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman

Anne Hathaway just prooving all the naysayers wrong.

More Bane looking epic

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